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New Look, Same Joe Jr 

Now Joe Jr Landscapes

As of Jan 01, 2022, Joe's Jr Services LLC will now operate as the umbrella company for Joe Jr Landscapes. Joe Jr Landscapes will operate as its own entity.

New Look, Same Joe Jr

Dear Joe's Jr Services Customer, 


 We want you to be among the first to know some exciting news! Joe Jr Landscapes parent company, Joe's Jr Services LLC, has separated its landscaping company and its groundskeeping business from itself.

With a new business structure, you'll see our logo has also changed. We are updating our brand to match the new Joe Jr Landscapes brand, which reflects how we are evolving to become a unified and integrated company.  


 We want you to know that Joe's Jr Services LLC separation will not affect your service in any way, and you do not need to take any action. While our logo is changing, our dedication to serving our clients safely, reliably, and affordably is not. We will continue to make investments to upgrade and improve our quality of service and brand. These improvements have significantly improved our quality assurance and customer service.

With this news, you may have some questions...  

  • Will there be any changes to my service? No. Your service will remain the same. 

  • How do I pay my bill? You will continue to pay your bill the same way you do today - nothing is changing. Please continue to make your payments using the same client hub and information. 

  • Will my contract change? No. Your contract will remain the same.

  • Do I need to notify my bank or credit card company if I use autopay? No. Nothing is changing for autopay.

  • Will the logo change be immediate? It will take several months for us to completely change to the new logo in our bill template, website, mobile app, social media, uniforms, and building signage. As we make these changes, you'll continue to see the former Joe's Jr Services logo on our personal protective equipment, fleet vehicles and elsewhere until it is phased out. If you're ever in doubt whether you've been contacted by a legitimate Joe's Jr Services LLC employee or received a legitimate Joe's Jr Services LLC email communication, call us immediately at 773-231-6691.

  • How will Joe's Jr Services website change? Our website address will change to: and the new logo will replace the former logo.

  • How will Joe Jr Landscapes social media change? All of our social media handles across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube will remain the same, but the new logo will replace the former logo.

  • Who do I contact if I have questions about my bill or service? Our phone numbers are not changing. Residential customers should continue to call 773-231-6691 and business customers should call 773-231-6691.

Joe Jr Landscapes will continue its commitment to enhancing the exterior of your home or business, raising your property value, while maintaining a professional image and reliable service. Thank you for being a valued customer and member of our community.


Joseph Willis Jr
Chief Executive Officer

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